We have been doing some 1 to 1 training with a customer who wanted to put together their own website. The aim was to design and build a website for the charity BlueSkys (part of Pembrokeshire Frame Ltd.). By building the website themselves they were able to learn about WordPress along the way which will be invaluable when updating the website in the future.

WordPress & Setup

After setting up a new hosting account and buying a domain name and installing WordPress we were ready to begin. Then to choosing a theme, deciding on a logo and collecting images and content we began . . .

The Website

The first step was to decide on the layout and page setup. What information did we need to convey and what was the best way to present that information. Imagery is key to instant communication so we decided on a large slideshow and key phrases on the homepage to draw people in. The key points would be highlighted below using icons.

The Logo

The next step was the logo. The customer had been on a traditional printing course and produced some great typography with old fashioned woodblocks. We decided these would be great for the logo so whilst they continued adding content to the website I got to work digitising the typography. The result was very effective and unique (perfect for a logo).

The final website

BlueSkys training day

There is still some work to be done adding content to the site and tidying up some of the typography but the website is nearly completed. A great way to learn new skills and build your own website at the same time!