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They say an image speaks volumes but in todays fast paced, digital world a video can sometimes do one better. As people scroll through Google searches and social media feeds, generally rushing through life, a video can grab their attention where words and images might fail. This is why we think videography is an important part of any business identity. It can help to illustrate what you do and capture not only the minds but the hearts of your customers, making them more likely to see and choose you in a sea of competitors.

Professional Videography

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With a wealth of experience, we have produced lifestyle and promotional videos for companies in a range of different locations accross the globe.  What have we learnt from all this experience? Good videography is all about light, composition, timing, subject and planning. With a little careful thought these elements will all come together, so we take the time to discuss and plan your video shoot with you before it happens. Thinking about everything from style, atmosphere and props to location, light and weather. We know that being in front of the lens can be stressful and we will help you to be as relaxed as possible during the shoot. Our style is relaxed but we will also give you tips and advice on how to look your best so that your truly happy with the results.

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Video is a passion of ours and we have many years of experience. Our first video projects centered around our love for the great outdoors, sport and creative adventures. These early videography experiments gave us valuable problem solving skills. We think about the story and how best to tell it. This might include different camera placement, creative lighting and video techniques. In addition we also think about practical things like weather forecasts, an important consideration in the wilds of West Wales! This thought process has evolved with our experience to give us our thoughtful style.

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Drone & Aerial Videography

An aerial view can offer a different prespective and really give your business the wow factor. Having qualified with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) as an comercially licensed drone pilot, Percolated Photrography are excited to offer this new service.


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